Covid-19 Precautions

Our teacher will be:
- Wearing a mask during the entire lesson.
- Sanitizing their hands before and after leaving your place.
- Not attend the lesson if they have any suspected symptoms of COVID-19.
- Maintaining a distance of 6 feet during the lesson.

If you have someone in the home who is 70+ or has health problems that make them vulnerable to COVID-19, then we will not be able to conduct the lesson in-home and will have to try virtual lessons.

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In-Home or Online Lessons, We Cater to Your Lifestyle

Have a professional instructor come to your home for a private lesson or book a virtual lesson on your platform of choice. We’ll pair you with an instructor that will create a customized learning plan that caters to your style of choice. 

Guitar • Bass • Ukulele

catered to you

Opt for a virtual lesson via your platform of choice that will be sure to keep you engaged from start to finish. Sign-up for a free introductory lesson with zero obligation to make a purchase. 

There is no GST/HST on music lessons in Ontario
6 X 30 Minute Lessons
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6 X 45 Minute Lessons
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6 X 1 hour Lessons
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Interested in taking a lesson from the comfort of your own home? One of our skilled, reliable, and patient instructors will travel to your home to conduct a private lesson.

There is no GST/HST on music lessons in Ontario
6 X 30 Minute Lessons
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6 X 45 Minute Lessons
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6 X 1 hour Lessons
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*Travel fees may apply if you live outside of our serviceable areas.
Guitar Rentals

Don't have a guitar yet? No problem! Rent one from us for just $6 a week. (Must be in the Ottawa area)

Learn to Play Your Way 

Learn to Play Your Favourite Song

Our non-music reading program is ideal for beginners or anyone looking to learn the fun way and easy way. It is also by far our most popular program! During this program you will learn to play guitar through tablature and one-on-one lessons with a seasoned instructor that specializes in providing aspiring guitar players like yourself the tools you need to learn the basics or hit the big stage.

Learn to Play Through Theory and Music Reading 

Our music reading program is recommended for beginners or intermediate players. During this program you learn to play guitar through standard music notation by following tried and tested method books. A great path to our university level courses.

Refine Your Skills with a Customized Program

Are you a seasoned pro looking to refine a few skills? Our custom program is perfect for intermediate and advanced players that are looking to hone in on their craft. During this program, our teachers will take the time to assess your needs and develop a personalized lesson plan that helps you reach your goals.


Is the free lesson really free?

Yes, however, there are 2 basic qualifiers that need to be met:

1) The student must be between the ages of 6-18 or 35+. If you are between the ages of 18-35 you can still get a free additional lesson by purchasing 6 lessons.

2) The student must be ready to start lessons within 1 week of the free trial. There is no obligation to continue with us after the free trial, however, it is important to book the free trial within 1 week of the possible start date as lesson spots book up very fast and cannot be held.

Can we come to you if we choose?

No, we do not have a studio in which to conduct lessons. Our service is based on convenience to you so we will come to you in your home or teach virtually.

What ages do you teach?

We teach kids as well as adults. We start as young as age 6 and our oldest student so far is 72. It’s never too late to learn!

We don’t own a guitar. Can we still take lessons?

You will need a guitar for your lessons. If you don’t own one, you can rent one from us for $6 per week while you are learning with us. We can also direct you on what to purchase if that is your choice.

Do we have to make a bulk purchase?

Yes and no. After our free trial lesson, if you wish to continue you will then purchase a one-time minimum of 6 lessons. After the 6 lessons are completed, you can keep going on a monthly basis for in-person classes and cancel at any time provided you give us a min of 24hrs notice.

What is the length and frequency of lessons?

To maximize your progress, we offer 30, 45 and 60-minutes weekly lessons. We do not offer bi-weekly lessons. For virtual lessons we can offer multiple lessons per week if you want to supercharge your learning.

Are in-home lessons still happening during COVID?

Yes, unless we are in lockdown, we are still conducting in-home lessons in certain parts of the city.

How do I cancel a lesson?

We do not allow verbal cancellations or schedule changes. All cancellations must be completed via:
- Email to:
- Go Guitar’s Facebook messenger.
- Texting our admin (Francis O’Keefe) at 613-315-9662.

Schedule changes or cancellations cannot be completed via your teacher except for last-minute cancellations which count as 6hrs or less. Verbal changes are only acceptable in a last-minute change (under 6hrs).

Can I cancel a lesson without paying a fee or losing a lesson?

Yes, although proper notice is required, and we also have a cancellation limit. We require a 24 hours’ notice and for both virtual and in-home lessons. We do limit the number of times you can cancel during a semester without paying a fee.

What about rescheduling instead of cancelling?

This will depend on whether you are taking in-home or virtual lessons. Virtual lessons are much easier to reschedule since there are no logistical and travel considerations. We allow 1 last-minute reschedule per 2 months with no additional fees. If you exceed this, there is a 25% reschedule fee. For in-home lessons, it can be harder to reschedule and will depend on if we are in your area again later that week. There are also no last min reschedules for in-home lessons.

Can more than one person attend the same lesson?

Yes, for an additional $5 fee per student we will teach a maximum of 3 students at one time. It is also important to note that the effectiveness of the lesson is drastically reduced when extra students are added.

Do you have discounts for multiple lessons?

We currently offer discounts for back-to-back lessons in the same household for in-home lessons only.

Gift a Guitar Lesson 

Give the Gift of Music with one of Go Guitar’s gift cards. Gift cards are redeemable for both virtual and in-home lessons. 

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