Terms and Conditions: In-Home Lessons

Cancellation Policy for In-Home Lessons

Cancellations are not unlimited and per semester (14-18 lessons) we allow:

  • One 24+ hrs notice cancellation = no fees — This counts as anything booked off with more than 24hrs notice which could be weeks or even months in advance.
  • One emergency/sick cancellation = 50% fees — Sickness anytime under the 6hr notice all of the way up to 30mins prior to the lesson time. This includes suspected COVID symptoms, positive tests or related COVID isolations.

Any cancellations over and above the emergency/sick cancellation or the one-time 24hr cancellation will carry a 100% fee. The same policy will apply to our teachers via our “reverse cancellation policy”.

Our unique “reverse cancellation” policy:

In the rare event that a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, we will also be held to the same above fees. Clients will not pay for the lesson that was missed and on top of that, they will receive either a 50% or a 100% payment depending on how much notice was given.


COVID Cancellations

With cold and flu season happening during most of the teaching year, all sickness will automatically be assumed to be COVID unless the student has tested negative and is not presenting “Classic” COVID symptoms which include fever, sore throat, and dry cough. In these cases, the lesson should be cancelled, and we can reschedule with a virtual lesson if available.



Reschedules for in-home lessons are currently unlikely due to the changes forced on the business by the current pandemic. We can reschedule to a virtual lesson if available.

Also please note that reschedules with less than 12 hours notice will have a 25% fee when a reschedule is possible.


Cancellation due to bad road conditions

We are equipped and ready to travel to you, even in the snow, but sometimes the roads can get too dangerous. In this event, teachers may cancel an in-home lesson, even up to the last minute, without paying the credits of our “reverse cancellation” policy. At this time, we would love to offer a virtual lesson as a backup for these situations.


How to Cancel/Reschedule

We do not allow verbal cancellations or schedule changes. All cancellations must be done via:

  1. Email to: francis@goguitarlessons.com
  2. Go Guitar’s Facebook messenger or our website messenger
  3. Texting our admin (Francis O’Keefe) at 613-315-9662 (more than 6hrs notice)
  4. Calling or texting your teacher (under 6hrs notice)

Last minute Cancellations

For last-minute cancellations (under 6hrs) you will need to contact your teacher directly.

Schedule changes or cancellations cannot be done via your teacher with the exception of last-minute cancels (under 6hrs notice). Verbal changes are also acceptable in a last-minute change event.

COVID Policy

 Due to the ongoing public health concern presented by the COVID-19 global pandemic, students must cancel lessons under the following circumstances and may only resume lessons once the corresponding conditions are met: 

-  If a student presents with “classic symptoms” of COVID-19 (i.e., feeling feverish, new or worsening persistent cough, and/or difficulty breathing) as described by Ottawa Public Health (OPH)

  • If testing shows a negative result, lessons may resume once all symptoms have disappeared. 
  • If testing shows a positive result, lessons will only resume two weeks after the date of receipt of the test result. 

- If a student has been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19:

  • If the student has been fully vaccinated then the lesson can continue
  • If testing shows a negative result, lessons may resume immediately upon receipt of the test result.
  • If testing shows a positive result, then lessons will only resume two weeks after the date of receipt of the test result.  

- If a student presents with any of the wide range of “other symptoms” of COVID-19 as described by OPH, which may be typical of allergies or the common cold, the lesson may proceed only if the following conditions are met: 

  • The student has been fully vaccinated 
  • A warning is given to us as soon as possible and the teacher agrees to still conduct the lesson.
  • The student wears a face mask at all times during the lesson; and
  • Physical distancing of a minimum of two metres is maintained between the student and the teacher during the lesson. 

-In the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, the allowable sick/emergency cancellation will be used up. If it has already previously been used up then there will be a 100% fee. Teachers will also be following the same rules and policies.

We appreciate your understanding as we work together to manage your lessons to the best of our abilities while maintaining appropriate levels of safety for you and our teachers. If you feel uneasy about in-person lessons at any point, you are welcome to switch to virtual lessons, either on a permanent or temporary basis. Clients who do not want virtual lessons and are not currently in the first 6 lessons, can cancel at any point without penalty. Clients who are within their first 6 lessons are permitted to switch to virtual lessons or hold a credit for future Go Guitar lessons. All the above will remain true if businesses such as Go Guitar Lessons are mandated to stop in-home lessons.

Other Important Policies

  • Lessons are weekly. We do not offer bi-weekly
  • There is a minimum purchase of 6 lessons after the free trial
  • The lessons can be stopped at any point after the 6 initial lessons if 24hrs notice is given.

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