Terms and Conditions: Virtual Lessons

Cancellation Policy for In-Home Lessons

Cancellations are not unlimited and per semester (16 lessons) we allow:

  • One +48hrs notice cancellation = no fees — This counts as anything booked off with more than 48hrs notice.
  • One emergency/sick cancellation = 50% fees — Cancel with more than 3hrs notice and only pay 50%. This includes suspected COVID symptoms, positive tests or related COVID isolations.

Any cancellations over and above the emergency/sick cancellation or the one-time 48hr cancellation will carry a 100% fee. For planned vacations, we require a minimum of 3 weeks advanced notice. There is a 25% spot maintenance fee during vacations in order to hold your spot. Limited to once per year.

Our unique “reverse cancellation” policy:

In the rare event that a teacher needs to cancel a lesson clients will not pay for the lesson that was missed and on top of that, they will receive either a 25%, 50% or a 100% credit depending on notice given.

For example:

  • Teacher misses a lesson with less than 30mins, or zero notice ("No Show") = Client does not pay + receives a 100% credit (Free Lesson)
  • Teacher cancels a lesson due to sickness with less than 48hrs notice (limited to 1 time per 14 lessons) = Client does not pay + receives a 25% credit
  • Teacher cancels a lesson with less than 48hrs notice after sick cancel has been used = Client does not pay + receives a 50% credit, and then a 100% credit every time after that.


Reschedules are subject to availability and will carry a 25% fee when done with less than 24hrs notice. Reschedules with more than 48hrs notice will not have a fee but will still be subject to availability. 

Tech Issues Policy

Virtual lessons can work very well and we have come up with some great techniques to be very effective with this method, however, we do need to have a good video and audio connection in order to conduct an effective lesson. It will be the responsibility of all students/clients to ensure they have a solid wifi or hardline connection. 


How to Cancel/Reschedule

We do not allow verbal cancellations or schedule changes. All cancellations must be done via:

  1. Email to: francis@goguitarlessons.com
  2. Go Guitar’s Facebook messenger or our website messenger
  3. Texting our admin (Francis O’Keefe) at 613-315-9662  (more than 6hrs notice)
  4. Calling or texting your teacher (under 6hrs notice)

Last min Cancellations

For last-minute cancellations (under 6hrs) you will need to contact your teacher directly.

Schedule changes or cancellations cannot be done via your teacher with the exception of last-minute cancellations (under 6hrs notice). Verbal changes are also acceptable in a last-minute change event.

How to Quit Lessons

Once you are past the initial 8 lessons and into monthly billing, you can quit at any time with just 2 week's notice. If you are still within the initial 8 lessons, you will not be able to quit without losing any remaining prepaid lessons.

Other Important Policies

  • Lessons are weekly. We do not offer bi-weekly
  • There is a minimum purchase of 8 lessons after the trial
  • The lessons can be stopped at any point after the 8 initial lessons if two weeks notice is given

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