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September 28, 2022

Building Better Acoustic Rhythm #1 - Open Chords w/Riffs

Image of Guitar TAB

"You need better rhythm" - Acoustic Open Chords w/Riffs

In this new series of exercises we will be covering the most important and most overlooked part of your playing which almost always is a good solid rhythm. You can expect a wide variety of exercises and styles in the coming months. This exercise was taken from the book "Guitar Aerobics". It may look simple if you are an intermediate or advanced player already, but try and get it to 120BPMs while keeping your technique perfect and exactly as listed in the TAB. Even I make a tiny mistake in the video at high speeds :)


  • Learn the exercise by memorizing it with the correct down and up strums
  • Play it to a metronome starting off at 50 and 60 BPMs until you can play
  • Do it 20 times per practice session and 5 times per week for 4 weeks

The Star System:

Use the star system to help motive and track your progress through songs and exercises. Here is the breakdown for this exercise:

  • 60 BPM's   = 1 Star *
  • 80 BPM's   = 2 Star **
  • 90 BPM's   = 3 Star ***
  • 100 BPM's = 4 Star ****
  • 120 BPM's = 5 Star *****

The Exercise:

Click here to download the TAB

Play Along Video:

Good luck and don't stop challenging yourself! 

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