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September 28, 2022

Song Challenge: "Yesterday" by The Beatles

Black and White image of the Beatles playing live

Intermediate/Advanced Song Challenge - "Yesterday" - The Beatles

This month's song challenge is one of the greatest songs ever written and even with no vocals or accompaniment it stands on its own. ​​Take the challenge and learn this song all of the way through by memory to full speed.


The album version has the guitar tuned down 1 full step, however, to keep things simple I have kept my guitar in standard tuning and all supporting materials for this lesson are also in standard tuning. If you want to play along with the real song you will have to tune down 1 full step down to D, G, C, F, A, D or key up the song in a program like Anytune Pro+.

Supporting Materials

There are 3 supporting materials included: Play along video, full TAB, and finally stand alone audio. I would highly recommend that you use a slow down software like "Anytune Pro+" for Apple devices, or "Anytune" for Android devices.

Play Along Video

Full Song TAB

Click here for the full version of the TAB

Clean Guitar Audio

The album version of Yesterday is old and has vocals and other instruments that make hearing the guitar very hard at certain points. It's far easier to play along to my clean version of the song. Videos can also be very distracting when trying to play along with them and I recommend just audio only unless you need to see my fingers. When I recorded this I had the real song playing my in earbuds to ensure absolute accuracy in tempo and rhythm. Download the audio here

Good luck and I hope you take the challenge and challenge other players that you know.

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