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January 30, 2023

January 2023 Song Challenge - Autumn Leaves

Intermediate/Advanced Song Challenge - "Autumn Leaves" - Joseph Kosma

In this month's song challenge we take a look at the beautiful jazz standard Autumn Leaves. There are many different versions of this song, but I stole this one from a YouTuber many years ago and I have forgotten his name. This version plays everything on the E, A, D and G strings and does not use the B or high E string.

Song Notes

The time values I provided in the TAB are not correct, so please use the video to get the proper rhythm. This version will be in standard tuning and you should play with just your fingers and no pick to get the correct sound.

Play Along Video

Full Song TAB

Click here for the full PDF

The Star System:

Use the star system to help motive and track your progress through songs and exercises. Here is the breakdown for this song:

  • 1 Star *              = Memorize Part A
  • 2 Star **            = Memorize Part A & B
  • 3 Star ***          = Play to the music at 75% speed
  • 4 Star ****         = Play to the music at 100% speed
  • 5 Star *****       = Perform this one and record yourself

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