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February 27, 2023

How to Create a Solo with Arpeggios

Learning how to use arpeggios is key to creating strong melodies and melodic solos. In this example, we look at a how to create a solo that is so melodic that the chord changes can be heard without any backing rhythm.

What is an arpeggio?

An arpeggio is simply the notes of a chord being playing separately. For example, a Dm chord has 3 notes D, F, A that all need to be played together to create the harmony for that chord. An arpeggio would still play these notes, but separately. Because of this we can still hear the chord by playing single notes. This opens up the door to many amazing new freedoms on the guitar.

Creating a solo with Arpeggios

Follow the video which breaks down the chords and how to build a solo. Learn the example solo and make your own built on these concepts.

Am and Dm Arpeggio Shapes I use:

Click here to download the TAB

The Arpeggio Solo TAB

Click here to download TAB

The Star System:

Use the star system to help motive and track your progress through songs and exercises. Here is the breakdown for this exercise:

  • 2 Star **              = Memorize the arpeggio shapes
  • 3 Star ***            = Learn and memorize the solo I am playing in the video
  • 4 Star ****          = Play along with the solo at 100% speed
  • 5 Star *****        = All of the above + write your own arpeggio solo

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