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March 19, 2022

Featured Artist - Myles Bell - March 2022

Myles Bell is Guitarist, Singer-songwriter and teacher. He has recorded multiple studio albums with Ottawa band Wise, Young & King as well as his own original music. He has had a love affair with rock and roll since the age of three. Self-taught with a few lessons along the way, he possesses a combination of both technical understanding as well as a raw emotive playing ability. Over the years he has taught himself to play the piano, bass, mandolin, ukulele, lap steel and even a little drum.

He has been tirelessly working on his debut solo album which will be a culmination of 20 years of song writing and a recording process spanning the past decade. As much as Myles loves to do everything himself, he also greatly enjoys collaboration and has invited many artists to feature on his songs. The album is set to be released this spring and already has 4 single releases available for streaming.

We are very happy to have Myles as part of our team of teachers here at Go Guitar Lessons and can't wait to here his full release. In the mean time here is his latest single "Be Mine".

I have had the chance to see Myles play live many times back when I was active in the local music scene. His band Wise, Young and King was working hard playing and recording. I few things stood out to me while watching him play. First of all he had a fiery blues/rock style that utilized the minor pentatonic scale. He also was very active on stage and would always be moving and rocking out exactly as show in the pic above. He also played with bare feet (at least that is what I remember). The last thing that still stands out to me was the first generation Robo Gibson that he played. Back in those days Gibson was experimenting with guitar tuners that tuned themselves and the machine heads where massive!! You couldn't miss them.

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